• "Earth" Hemp Body Butter


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock
    "Earth" Luxury Hemp Body Butter is produced from the oil of one of the world's most nutritious seeds, the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), containing all of the 21 known amino acids. Hemp seeds contain up to 24% protein and contain the perfect balance of Essential Fatty Acids. One of the "driest" natural oils available, it is absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Buttery and exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids. 

    Now available in a few fragrance options and also unscented. See Scent Collection for descriptions. 

    Ingredient List: Hemp Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Optional Bergamot Essential Oil or Fragrances. 

    This is a natural product and contains no preservatives. Use within one year of purchase
    Recommended use for face and body. Not for consumption.
    *Because of Bergamot Essential Oil exposure to sunlight should be avoided after it is applied or rubbed onto the skin, at least until it absorbs into your skin. This is a perfect cream to use before bed at night!*

     The Indulgent Bubble provides a complete ingredient list and is not responsible for any reactions. If you are unsure or think you may be allergic to an ingredient, an allergy patch test is recommended.